Welcome to Schwartz & Sandy’s Drinks Menu USA; a great drink can transform an ordinary night into an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day, celebrate a special occasion, or explore new flavours, our curated selection of drinks has something for everyone. Let’s dive into some of our standout offerings that have become favourites among our patrons.

Signature Cocktails

1. The Schwartz Smash: This refreshing cocktail combines bourbon, fresh mint, lemon juice, and a hint of honey. It is perfect for those who enjoy a balanced mix of sweet and tangy flavours.

2. Sandy’s Sunset: This vibrant drink combines vodka, cranberry juice, orange liqueur, and a splash of club soda. Garnished with a slice of orange, it’s the perfect companion for watching the sun go down.

3. Coastal Cooler: A tropical delight made with rum, coconut cream, pineapple juice, and a touch of blue curaçao. This cocktail will transport you straight to a beachside paradise.

Classic Favorites

4. Old Fashioned: This timeless classic features bourbon or rye whiskey, a sugar cube, bitters, and a twist of orange peel. Simple yet sophisticated, it never goes out of style.

5. Margarita: Our take on the beloved Margarita includes tequila, triple sec, fresh lime juice, and agave syrup, served on the rocks with a salted rim. It is perfectly balanced and utterly refreshing.

6. Martini Whether you prefer shaken or stirred, our Martini is crafted with premium gin or vodka and a splash of dry vermouth, garnished with olives or a lemon twist.

Non-Alcoholic Delights

7. Virgin Mojito: This drink offers all the refreshing flavours of a classic mojito without the alcohol. Fresh mint, lime juice, and soda water combine to create a perfect thirst-quencher.

8. Tropical Sunrise: A delightful mix of pineapple juice, orange juice, grenadine, and a splash of soda, this colourful mocktail is as beautiful as it is delicious.

9. Berry Fizz is a sparkling blend of mixed berries, lemon juice, and club soda served over ice. It’s a light and bubbly treat that’s perfect for any occasion.

Schwartz & Sandy’s Drinks Menu

ItemsPrice In USA
The Fresh Start 
Vodka, Green Tea, Cucumber, Elderflower, Mint, Lemon, Agave 
Wendy Peffercorn 
Mezcal, Watermelon, Norino L’aperitivo, Lime, Agave, Pink Peppercorn 
Midnight Madagascar V
odka, Cold Brew, Espresso Liqueur, Sugar, Chocolate Bilters
Arugula Awakening 
Gin, Strawberry, Brugula, Lemon, Agave

Seasonal Specials

We love celebrating the changing seasons at Schwartz & Sandy’s USA with limited-time drink specials. From cosy winter warmers like spiced cider and hot toddies to refreshing summer sips like watermelon coolers and peach bellinis, there’s always something new and exciting to try.

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We invite you to join us at Schwartz & Sandy’s USA to experience these fantastic drinks firsthand. Our skilled bartenders are passionate about crafting the perfect drink for every guest, and we can’t wait to serve you. Whether you’re a cocktail connoisseur or a casual sipper, you’ll find a welcoming atmosphere and a drink menu that will impress.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of drinks are available at Schwartz & Sandy’s?

Schwartz & Sandy’s offers various drinks, including craft cocktails, wines, beers, and non-alcoholic beverages. The cocktail menu features classic and signature drinks created by our expert mixologists.

Are there any signature cocktails unique to Schwartz & Sandy’s?

Schwartz & Sandy’s is known for its unique signature cocktails, which are crafted with fresh, high-quality ingredients. These drinks are exclusive to our menu and showcase creative flavor combinations.

Do you offer any non-alcoholic drink options?

We have a selection of non-alcoholic beverages, including mocktails, soft drinks, juices, and specialty house-made sodas.

Is there a happy hour at Schwartz & Sandy’s?

We offer a happy hour with special pricing on selected drinks and appetizers. Please check our website or contact us for the current happy hour times and offerings.

Do you offer any drink specials or promotions?

Yes, we often have drink specials and promotions. Follow us on social media or join our mailing list to stay updated on our latest offers.

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